Technology Fundamentals Trading Co. is your high tier distributor of medical devices, supplies & pharmaceuticals in the Middle East, based in Riyadh,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


In order to reach our objectives, we are obligated to apply the highest standards of work ethics and seek the latest innovative products to introduce to markets; in cooperation with our partners.



We’ll Find You The Perfect Plan

In addition to our other services, we provide market research surveys and complete marketing plan.

We Work With Your Instructions

How to utilize market research in favor of R & D, enabelling for better products and best services.    

We honor our partners point of view by implement their international strategy, within our own vision in the Middle East and delivering the best services to the patients and medical staffs.

Our Partners

 We are proud of our international partners, from the globe, sharing the same principales we believe in.

We are committed to our partners objectives as our owns.

Board Message:

Technology fundamentals Trading Co. is an ambitious medical company operated by a group of scientists and doctors, who worked closely with the end users in the medical field. Through knowledge and experience, we have strong capability to analyze the market demand, set goals, and forecast for future needs, which has significantly reflected on the company’s overall performance.

Through our believes, values, and attitude, we have gained our partners and customers trust, this has placed us ahead of our competitors. In addition, the various range of products in our portfolio has empowered our sales force to consolidate their efforts, and to interconnect the departments where we operate.

We have succeeded in accomplishing many set goals, increasing the company’s revenue, and hiring best people of creative talents in the field.

Chairman Of The Board

Provide cost effective, high quality Medical Devices, services, and Pharmaceuticals to the healthcare providers.

Utilize innovation and cost-effective methods, in a predetermined time-frame.

Put emphasis on public awareness of wellbeing.

To be one of the major provider of healthcare services in the MENA region.

Key in mitigating health care crisis.

Significantly improving lives.

Community Oriented

Passion Filled

Quality Seeker

Innovation Directory

Commitment Achiever

Provide Unique Services & Products From The Different Parts Of The World.

Participate In All The Regional and International Conferences.

Penetrate New Markets  and Adopt New Trends.

Encourage The Public To Carry Over Our Message Of Better Lives.

TF Management Team

Dr. Ashraf El Samman

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6901 King Abdulaziz Branch Rd,
Al Masif District, Unit No 5.

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